Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Coming Soon...

Sometimes nice things happen at just the right opportune moment; leaving you to wonder if an invisible hand is "pulling the strings"! Out of the blue I recently had a request for an artist profile interview, for the next issue of Teddy Bear Times.Of course all artists love talking about what they do - it is a passion after all, so I was more than happy to take part, and I was not expected to take out any extravagant advertising or anything like that. Anyway in the course of completing all the questions it dawned on me that I've been making and selling miniature bears for 10 years! That's a whole decade; and I was really surprised to find myself on the point of a significant anniversary!!

Hopefully, readers of the magazine will help me with a quiet little celebration, when it arrives on the stands.It should be out from the 24th May, so I'm crossing my fingers the article does get in to this issue.
 Maybe there might be a celebratory clue on this page somewhere. LOL!

I think I might arrange something on my blog too .... so keep watching this space friends!

With Beary Thanks to everyone; collectors, friends and family,
Ruth XX


Kays Kids said...

Congratulations, your work is wonderful. I will look forward to my copy in the post.

Ruth said...

Aww, thanks Kay :0) I don't know where the last 10 yrs went!!!!! lol!