Friday, 8 June 2012

Quick Preview.....

I just have a few minutes to post up a couple of the bears that will be available at The Teddy Bear Artist Event, this Sunday, at the Civic Hall in Stratford.This time I've been working right up to the last minute.... so I already feel exhausted!!

Here is one of my new Fairies ; "Briar Fae"

and a new Bygone Bruin; "Louisa"

Together with some cheeky rabbity Frivols -

They'll have plenty of other friends on the day - who are all safely packed up now!

I thought I'd just end with a reveal photo of "Delaney" ; who is the 2.5" little beary to win in this month's issue of Teddy Bear Times. I was really thrilled with the article, and I'm looking forward to sending her to a lovely new home! :0)

Hugs To All,

Ruth XX


Kays Kids said...

Dear Ruth,
Your little fairy bear is a delight.
I know the feeling of working right up to the last minute. Exhausting!!!!!
Congratulation on being in the publication. I have not got mine yet.

Ruth said...

Thank you so much Kay :0)
You are such a lovely lady -
lots of Hugs,
Ruth xxx