Monday, 5 November 2012

Doesn't Time Fly?...

I certainly didn't intend to be absent for so long without posting!!! It can get quite difficult to blog if you don't have anything visual to share, and I haven't been able to get hold of any photos for a while now. Autumn will soon be waning in favour of Winter at this rate! My head has been well and truly down; producing Limited Edition pieces, and others. All of the Fairmont and Clio designs from my previous post have now sold out, which is wonderful :0) My household is back to normal with youngest son at college (studying A levels) and oldest back at University.Frustratingly my middle son has had to sign on for Jobseekers Allowance as apparently nobody wants to offer work to a fit, trained, hard-working young man with a spraying licence and Horticultural qualifications. It would be polite if potential employers at least bothered to let him know they'd filed his application in the bin, but "meh", he's just another economic casualty, right ?....  To keep him out of the doldrums I've bought in a huge mixed batch of Winter vegetables, which need to be raised and planted out, so I'm quite looking forward to cooking some Swiss Chard, and Kale, and lots of other yummy things :0)

The leaves have all turned those pretty shades, and the frost was thick and sparkley this morning - I'm not sure we've had frost on Bonfire Night in recent years (?) think it will be a cold one for all those intrepid Firework Display Co ordinators (..Dads, in other words, lol) It will be interesting to see if many people on my estate actually bother at all this year. I must admit I preferred the fireworks of the long-gone past which were more "whizz" than "bang", with fountaining colours dwarfing the back garden, rather than relentless shot-cakes and monumental deafening explosions! My little doggies will be safely indoors all the same.

Safe fun tonight wherever you are!

Ruth xx


Kays Kids said...

Hi Ruth I feel for your son. Like you I liked the pretty sparkly fireworks, Not the noise ones. Here in Australia, we are not aloud to let off fireworks any more, it is getting close to our summer and there is too much dry grass.

Ruth said...

Thank you Kay <}
Looking out over the town(s) from high up where I live, last night, there was just a fraction of the amount of fireworks of say, 5 or 6 years ago.I really think Guy Fawkes night (hate that a "Guy" is still sometimes stuck on a bonfire as my middle son is called Guy!And in any case the bloke was actually called Guido!!)is slowly but surely dieing out as a tradition.The burning of a human effigy - rooted way back in religious intolerance - is totally unacceptable in this day and age, although there was a little magic in a pretty firework display.Maybe the change will be sped up by economics in the end??

Ruth xxx