Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Virtually Real!?

Course; I don't really have a cat (I'm a definite dog-person) and this "book" only exists in my imagination.OR; does that make it real enough??? I will soon be joining the millions of technologically informed people who own virtual books. And magazines. And .... well, all sorts of intangible text and visual matter which add up to what might formerly have been packaged between 2 printed covers!

The postman has indeed just handed me the Amazon* parcel (*Boo Hiss - sort your UK tax out pantomime villains!!) and it contains a Crimby present from my lovely Father - a Kindle Fire HD! I'm beyond excited. You see I fell for them in Waterstones in Chester ... and there was no turning back. They are small sleek objects of desire, and importantly, not too frighteningly techy. Yes, I LOVE real books, I really do. I've devotedly collected them my whole life. I've heeded the dictionary definition of "virtual" (Adj: "being something in effect, though not strictly in fact.) and scornfully dismissed these upstart interlopers with their lack of ink smell, and non-rustling, non-fiddley pages. But; I'll be able to surf the net or watch BBC I-player, or catch up with radio I've missed. Not to mention squillions of other things within its 32 Gigabytes of something or other I won't be clever enough to use! I'll even be able to talk to people on Skype!! And it's seductively small and sleek - and I can choose pretty "clothes" for it! **

Even a Luddite can change can't they? Quick, where are some trusty old fashioned scissors so I can get in to the parcel? :0)

TaTa For Now (Obviously I couldn't stay long today, LOl!)
Ruth XX

** Definition of seduce - "attract or lead astray by offering temptations." That'll be a Kindle Fire HD then......


Kays Kids said...

I can feel your excitement. I hope you have hours of reading and fun.
Obviously you had to go quickly. ha ha.

Ruth said...

HeeHee! I should've called this post Can you teach an Old Dog New Tricks! I think it is possible.... but v-e-r-y slowly, LOL!

Mini Hugs, Ruth xx