Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Spring Things...


I'm just about back in to "work" mode after my short Easter holiday - being taken out for lunch in the sunshine on Monday by Oldest Son didn't really help (!) We've finally been allowed a look at milder more pleasant weather here in the UK (I hope it doesn't prove to be just a glimpse!!) and I actually spent lots of time sewing in the conservatory yesterday. Happy Days!

A short while ago I was approached by Helen Dickson, who has a beautiful website: Bustle and Sew  which is jam-packed with sewing projects, tips, patterns, and where you can also find her lovely blog about sewing, crafting, and life in Devon with a gorgeous Newfoundland dog! Helen very kindly invited me to contribute photos and an interview, all about Flutter-By Bears, for her Bustle and Sew ezine (scroll down and click "expand" on the first mag' preview of contents, for the Springy April issue) I was very impressed with the variety and number of patterns, clear instructions, and other articles, which Helen includes in her ezine for subscribers - so I was delighted to take the opportunity to spread the Beary word, and maybe introduce some new potential arctophiles to our wonderful world!

Zero temperatures or not, the birds have been busy as .... er bees (?) in my garden in the last couple of weeks. We've definitely got a nesting pair of blackbirds and Robins sharing our climbing wall ivy.Good-o! I love watching all the scampering - and taking convoluted alternate routes back to the nest each time they nip "to the stores"! I've re-instated the live webcam link on my sidebar too, to the Nottingham Trent University Peregrines. Last year I was utterly addicted to watching this nesting pair, and it was a total emotional roller coaster; the constant awful rainy weather meant that only one chick survived from four eggs - but he was a real champion. There are eggs in the nest already so I'll be crossing my fingers and tuning in constantly for a first peep of tiny damp chick. You can't get more Spring-y than that!

Ruth XX


Kays Kids said...

Ruth I must be dumb, because I couldn't find the article you were talking about.
Enjoy Spring.
Hugs Kay

Ruth said...

Hi Kay! There are previews of 2 of the last ezines further down the page (the link is the one mentioning the ezine) If you click "expand" you should be able to see a peek at the contents in a nifty virtual magazine format.There are another 2 pages about the bears in the full magazine, which was lovely. I thought Helen's little felt bear design was really cute too!

Hugs to you,
Ruth xx