Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Catching Up

Poor bloggy; I've been away far too long this time. I've had some choc-a-block deadlines lately - and no let up until at least July!
Part of the time I've been making pieces for The Teddy Bear Artist Event (16th June, Stratford Civic Hall)
and also an online show:


I'm not sure how I managed commissions and Limited Editions as well! Good job I keep checking my diary :0)

Here's a tiny sneak preview of the new pieces for a certain bear shop in Witney:

Oooooh, how teasing! HeeHee! The 2014 catalogue will be published in October.

X Ruth


Kays Kids said...

You have so much pressure keeping to deadlines. How do you do it?

Ruth said...

Sometimes it does get a bit on top of me, I must admit - it's kind of All or Nothing!!!

Big Hugs,
Ruth xx