Tuesday, 17 February 2009

It's a Small World After All .....

The "Be My Valentine" show was a great success and lots of fun too! I find it amazing that a whole bunch of geographically diverse people can gather around their respective computers and at the touch of a couple of buttons converse , laugh , "sing" (!) and generally enjoy being in the company of other like-minded folk .
There is usually an ongoing chat thread opened on the forums where these 24 hour online shows are held , and it's so interesting to hear what everyone is up to , and the differences in the time of day - and just how opposite the weather can be , right then , on the other side of our little spinning blue and green planet ! I took some orders from Australia and the USA - whilst the bears themselves were sitting in the tiny blob , on a globe , which is Great Britain .

The bears who were not adopted will be coming with me to Hugglets on Sunday ; which prompts me to say this will have to be my last post until I get back - I have a trillion things left to do , and I haven't written any lists yet ! Ahhhh , where's a pen and some comforting paper ? I'll feel so much better when I've made some lists ! :0)

Here is "Amy's Darling Ducky" - a piece for the Valentine show , and now Hugglets . She was also very lucky to appear in the Spring bear feature in this month's "Collect It!" magazine . She'll be hoping to find a new home for herself and her 5/8th inch little duckling , at the weekend .

I'm so excited ; I think I need to add Bach Remedies to one of my lists to help with the nerves !!

Ta Ta For Now ,
Ruth x


The Victorian Parlor said...

She's beautiful! You are so talented:)

Amanda said...

All the best Ruth, glad you had fun and good luck for sunday.

TinyBear said...

Good luck on sunday Ruth. I´m sure you´ll do fine. I hope you´ll sell lots of you little ones. Oh - I wish I could be there too. And don´t let them get to you, those nerves :o).
Many hugs, Tina

Ruth said...

Oh wow - Hi ladies ! :0)
Thank you for your lovely comments ; it makes all the difference to me ! I know I mustn't concentrate so hard on sunday that I forget to enjoy it too !! :0)
Hugs to you , Ruth x