Friday, 1 May 2009

Wonderful News !

Oh Me , Oh My !
I saw the list of Golden Teddy nominees on Teddy Talk forum last night and there was my name ! I really can't quite believe I've managed to get through again this year - in amongst some fantastic artists who I really highly regard .

Pinch , pinch :0)
Everything's gone thwibbly and surreal now ....
Here is my 3" tall entry ; "Miss Majesty" who was inspired by the Queens of our realm .

Many Congratulations must go to all the other nominees , quite a few of whom I'm lucky enough to call friends . I feel for those who are disappointed this time too ; Big Hugs to you !

Now , if you'll excuse me I must continue to hold my breath .... in case it's not true .....

Ruth x


Donna Griffin said...

Congratulations to you too!!!!!!!!!! I am thrilled to be your friend and know I will just have to have one of your bears soon!
Mini mini hugs, Donna

TinyBear said...

Oh Ruth - this is SO wonderful news.
Big congratulations and so well deserved.
Many hugs, Tina ♥♥♥

Ruth said...

Oh , you're both so kind :0) It's so lovely to have special friends to share news with .

Hugs and Happy Dances ,
Ruth x

Amanda said...

Well done Ruth, I'm taking a beary break before my hols but just caught your Blog. It really is your year, well deserved.

Tammy said...

Ruth, I am so excited for you too ! Isn't it a wonderful and surreal feeling. Your little mini bears are so adorable .

Best of luck in the public vote.

Hugs, Tammy

Pauline said...

Ruth congratulations and well done, she is gorgeous.


Ruth said...

Ah , hugs back for you Amanda , Tammy and Pauline . I appreciate you stopping by :0)

All Bear said...

I couldn't be more pleased for you Ruth! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!