Thursday, 14 May 2009

National Limerick Day

Firstly ; apologies for being 2 days late : National Limerick Day was actually on 12th May - so positioned to celebrate the birth of Edward Lear (1812 - 1888) who was the most famous inventor of this cheeky little poetic form .
And here's a very cheeky looking doll to illustrate .. errr ..... the fact that I haven't got any more suitable pictures to put up with this post !

Anyway , whilst I have an idle moment here are a few limericks I made up in minutes . I have great fun with my youngest son in particular , creating these sort of silly rhymes spontaneously. If you're of a certain age (seventies childhood) like me , perhaps you too remember the wonderful Blue Peter Book of Limericks ? It proved that whatever adults could do kids could do better ! I wish I could still recite the one about a hamster called Nelly with smelly , sticky whiskers . Hee Hee :0)

Many members of the Houses of P
Indulged in "expenses" tax free ,
"I was Alright Jack -
But I'll pay it all back -
Soonish , honest.." cringed shamefaced MPs !

There once was a mum with 3 sons ,
Who complained that their washing was tons ,
It was thrown in a heap ,
With socks 6 pairs deep ,
Poor , exasperated mum of 3 sons .

A busy bear-maker one day,
Was heard by her family to say ,
"If I ignored all my heirs
I could make FAR more bears ,
And their meals wouldn't get in the way !"

A teddy whose mum called him Tiddy ,
Was silly and frightfully giddy ,
He whirled round and round ,
And then flopped on the ground -
He didn't have to be silly , now did he ?

After reading this I hope everyone will think up at least one limerick . Cheers Edward Lear ! The world needs more nonsense !

T.T.F.N Ruth x


ginger said...

I like the one about the bear maker!

Gail said...

The Hamster one was:-

There once was a hamster called Nelly,
Whose whiskers were sticky and smelly,
This was not, if you please
Some strange new disease,
But a 'strordinary liking for jelly!

That was my favouite too.

Gail xx

ps must find that photo of me that looks like that dolly

Vicki said...

I just dropped by to pass along a blog award. You can see the details on my blog

Vicki xx

Ruth said...

oooh that was lovely of you Vicki _ I'll get to it as soon as I've got a minute free !
Hugs ,