Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Getting To Know You Too !

I will take up Sandi's blog invitation to post something about myself as yet unknown - no , I don't dress up as a Victorian girl and talk to rabbits ! LOL !

I have a fear of heights . That is to say I have an actual fear of heights ; of being vertiginously imperilled .... of being dashed against the ground , of hurtling uncontrolled to my doom . Standing a few rungs up a ladder (unlike some people) doesn't give me vertigo - which , incidentally , in latin means "whirling round" and describes the symptomatic effect a terror of heights can produce. I have an irrational notion that IF I were to walk along cliff edges /roof tops etc I would be compelled to lean over and jump right off by some irresistible force lurking there *shudders*

This photo was taken at The Roaches ; a nearby undeniably beautiful range of Staffordshire "peaks". I don't just see two climbers - but rather two deeply crazy people ! I seem to totally lack the "adrenalin junkie" gene . My family all know this well ; one of my mantras is "I don't do gradients ! (or mud) "

Theme parks are not the best place if you share my fear . Oh how I remember that time I went on Nemesis (at Alton Towers) with my sister . "wheeeeee , it'll be fun !" she said and persuaded me against my much better fund of self knowledge . When the ground first began to drop away ,and then the ride gathered pace , swooping us over a PRECIPICE I shut my eyes tight . I could hear her chuckling merrily somewhere , although I don't actually remember the point at which my mouth came open ...... and I screamed for the entire ride . It wasn't a happy scream . I lost my voice for 3 days afterwards . I was also once persuaded on to a "harmless" looking ride by my oldest son which tipped and tilted end over end (why do I try to compete with all those gung-ho mums ??) Suffice it to say I gripped my child and the seat back with white knuckles and kept my head firmly down , and I actually jerked awake that night with palpitations and a good impression of post traumatic stress !

I was not actually present when this pic' was taken of Brett at Ramshaw Rocks (they just don't bother with me anymore) There's a fairly scary drop this side .... but on the other is a nearby 200ft one . I feel sick ....

Terra Firma is the best place for me . I appreciate wonderful scenery , but that doesn't mean it doesn't occasionally scare me senseless ! Well it's not natural to be up high - is it ?

T.T.F.N ,
Ruth XX


Bearly Sane said...

Touche! Ruth I empathise with you. I managed to get half way up a lighthouse staircase and froze friends had to help me back down. I can't even get up on the kitchen stool now without getting wobbly! (But I think that's more because of my age. LOL!!) This was a really great read and the more I learn about you, the more convince I am we were twins in a former life!
Big Huggies,

Ruth said...

Awwww - I'd love to be your twin Sandi ! :0) :0)

Twinny Huggies ,
Ruth x

All Bear said...

I'm with you too Ruth, anything with a precipice has me in a flap!

Matilda said...

That was the most enjoyable read I've had for ages.
Thanks Ruth!

Ruth said...

Hi Paula , Wendy ,
I've just come back from a short holiday - so lovely to see you've "visited" :0)

Beary Hugs ,