Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Summer Treats and Lovely Things...

I thought I would share some of the lovely , pretty treats I've acquired so far , and I've also got some photos of my challenge piece for the Teddy Bear Artist Event last month .

Lovely , lovely Tina (of TinyBear) gave me the sweetest little package when we met up on the Saturday before the TBAE - as you can see above ; romantic little looped hearts and pretty tags/markers which I'll be keeping all for myself ;0) I was totally enchanted by the beautiful picture she attached as the gift tag ( I think I will frame it) and also the embellished sea urchin dangling from it - even the outer wrapping braid will go in my squirrel-stash! Ooooooooh I love pretties ! So "Thank You" once again Tina .... I hope everyone will visit your pages and treat themselves !

"What's in these lovely boxes ?" wondered Tiddy

Whilst we were walking round Stratford I came upon The Montpellier art gallery , where we were all welcomed in out of the rain with the offer of wine and canapes ( although it seemed a bit over indulgent to accept !) I was so glad we went in because Ashley and I treated ourselves to the most darling little bronze sculptures of hares and one of an otter in the weeds . We have 2 similar little bronzes on our mantelpiece , but these are really small at 2.5" for the largest .

On a slightly different note :- I was absolutely delighted to hear recently that the Wedgwood Museum had won "The Museum of the Year" award for 2009 . As you may know , my husband worked at Wedgwood for 18 years , some of this time was spent doing hands-on modelling for them . Having gained a degree in ceramics there was only one sensible place in the country for him to move to and so we made The Potteries area ; which encompassed Wedgwood , Royal Doulton , Spode , Minton , Masons , and a host of small "pot bank" factories , our home .

Like so much other great , British manufacturing , the industry has been beleaguered and could really do with a boost right now . Ashley has retained very close links with the museum staff throughout his career and its changes , and so he was incredibly pleased for them all when the award was announced . A visit is definitely on my summer agenda - there are priceless pieces exhibited , which are National Treasures for sure !

Anyway , I decided to celebrate The Potteries part of the world in my Exhibitor Challenge piece for the TBAE ( theme Around the World" ) Although it didn't receive a placing I was still really pleased with how it turned out . The 3" bear is created in a Wedgwood blue , and the medal is intended to recall blue Jasper cameos - of course I just had to make a bear's head ! I felt quite proud to highlight 250 years of ceramics heritage .... please let there be 250 more !

You can check out the museum details here :

Well , it's the last few days of Wimbledon so Ta Ta For Now ,
Ruth XX


Bearly Sane said...

Love those bronzes, they're divine Ruth.

Susan Pryce said...

Beautiful bronzes Ruth and those treasures from Tina and wonderful her ideas are brilliant.
I think your entry for the Bear Artists Event was fabulous. Really clever.

Ruth said...

Hi ladies :0)
I don't know what it is about hares - I just find them soo appealing ! And I adore otters ; love seeing those in the fur at wildlife parks !

Glad you liked my piece Susan ... the teeny ones do tend to look a bit lost up on that stage ! LOL :0)

TinyBear said...

Hi Ruth
When you have the time - pop over to my blog. I have awarded you.
Many hugs, Tina :D