Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Views of March

We still have sun! Lots of it - it makes me glad to have large windows to sit by whilst I'm working so I can bask in this sun-dazzled spell.
As Ashley is away at the Focus show - big photography expo' at the NEC, Birmingham - I thought I would appropriately trawl his files for some March photos to share.

Fungi at Apedale Woods

Beloved Goldfinches

Sunny gold buggies - wonder what they are?? Wakey wakey!!

A toad at Apedale

I also found some amazing photos of March evening-skies ; which reminded me of a poem I saw when I was doing my last post. At the time I thought it was a little odd ; a bit fanciful perhaps .... you decide - maybe not then!

(No filters used)

March - Toni Atchison

Listen to the spring wind hoot
and holler round the corners of the house.
Trees dance mad as the wind moans
and groans between the houses.
The lion has come to March,
which has been lamb-like until now.
And all the wee small children of the sun
come slow and blinking from winter dens,
and sunset looks
like strawberry soda.

Right , back to work after these reflections. I was very excited to be asked to contribute some unique "one off" pieces for the Teddy Bears of Witney 25th Anniversary party , on April 25th , so I'm headed straight for my fabric boxes!

T.T.F.N Ruth XX


Bearly Sane said...

Great photos Ruth ... well done Ashley!!!
Warmest hugs,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane

Pauline said...

Nice pictures Ruth, lovely that spring is around the corner! Just like to say what a gorgeous new website you have, it really is a pleasure to look at!

Pauline xx

Ruth said...

Thanks Sandi , Pauline - I'll pass that on to Ashley . Bet he'll only have a croaky little voice left by the end of this mammoth photo' show, so it will cheer him up!