Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Just the Two of Us .

I completed my swap with Wendy Ching ( Matilda Huggington Beare ) so I can now reveal the little critters who passed each other in the post, whilst going in opposite directions across the globe !

We decided on a short turn around time of just over 2 weeks , to keep things exciting . Swapping with another artist whose work you admire is a fantastic way to increase your hug , but not only that ; you can really get to know them as well . For instance I found out that Wendy's Great Grandparents came from Newcastle-upon-Tyne - and in the UK we call people from there Geordies ..... which gave rise to her hamster's name .

"Geordine" has emigrated to Rockingham in Western Australia , where the lucky little rodent will be able to watch all kinds of exotic birds landing in Wendy's garden ! You can check out her blog here to see some of them .
Geordine is around 4" , made from Kunin Plush felt , with Long Pile upholstery velvet paws . She took a little felt bag with her and an Ultrasuede sunflower seed for rumbly-tummy moments . I must admit she did have a whisker trim after her photo shoot :0)

I received a very shy little girlie-cute "Puddle" from Wendy ; a Puddle being a whimsical interpretation of a baby Duck-billed Platypus . Her name is "Sugar Plum Fairy "

She is made from specially hand dyed silk plush , velvet and tipped mohair , and has the most adorably kissy , felted facial features . I had asked if I could have a particularly girlie one (to counter all the boy-madness of this house !) and I'm sure you'll agree with me that Sugar Plum is pretty perfection ! She's even wearing a tiny tutu , and tie-on organza wings , and has adorable little flowers sprinkled liberally over her .

Thank you so much to Wendy for making it such an enjoyable swap !

T.T.F.N Ruth x

photos of SugarPlum generously supplied by Wendy - thanks :0)


TinyBear said...

Hi Ruth
What a great swap. I love the hamster you have made for Wendy and that sweet little girlie Puddle.. She is SO adorable.
Many hugs, Tina

Ruth said...

Hey Tina ,
thanks :0) Not long now to your next show - I'll have to drop by and check it out !
Huggies , Ruth

All Bear said...

I'm behind with my blog reading, so forgive me for having a 'one comment covers all' approach! Halloween ... couldn't agree more only I take it one step further and don't answer the door ... and a cornucopia of beautiful new mini bears ... you have been busy! Congrats on the much deserved nominations and I love the Xmas card design ... orange week ... who'd have thought it?! ... Harwick Hall ... great pics - some look spooky! I haven't heard of Hardwick Hall before, so thanks for pointing it out to my retarded radar ... And finally a Puddle crossed with a Hammy ... what a great swap! Love 'em!!!!!

Ruth said...

HeeHee Paula , thanks for taking the time to leave a mega-comment ! LOLs
I HAVE to tell you Figgy Pud was my absolute favourite bear in the HoHo show .....he looked SO cuddly !!
Cheers Paula ,
Hugs , Ruth

Matilda said...

Oh Ruth, I'm blushing......Thankyou for swapping with me. I adore my wee Hamster and will have to take photos of him making friends.
The two weeks, though doesnt seem alot of time, was just right since I was powered with enthusiasm for your wee Girly PUDDLE.
Geordie brings me lots of smiles.

Ruth said...

Hiya Wendy :0)
Sugar Plum's giving you a wave ! Bless her :0)

Huggies , Ruth

Raggy Rat said...

wow, lovely i wish i was of a standard to swap with you and wendy i love your hamster as i am a rodent fan of course !