Sunday, 2 November 2008

A not so welcome visitor.

This post should really have been before the last one , as it concerns an unusual visitor to my garden who showed up in the midst of Tuesday's snow storm ....

In the afternoon , whilst I was innocently tapping at the computer my husband suddenly jumped up with a "What is that in the garden !" exclamation . We cautiously approached the kitchen windows so as not to scare "it" off , and there , bold as you like was a Sparrow-hawk ripping one of my beloved little Goldfinches in to shreds !
Now , I belong to the RSPB and I'm an avid bird supporter but I can't say I'm keen on this particular ruffian like raptor ! To be honest they aren't majestic and handsome like other birds of prey (with which we have a fascination ) you can't imagine a noble man of yore flying one of these off his gauntlet in the "sport of kings". There's something sneaky about pouncing on (my) chirruping little garden friends ! They don't have an elegantly balanced shape; rather lumpy in the body with an over-long tail ... and those orange eyes !

Whilst Ashley took photos this opportunist was quite happy to look straight at us .
After about 15 minutes of snacking he flew off leaving just a circle of gold streaked feathers on the snow . Poor little finch ! Mr. Sparrow-hawk , may I politely request that you lunch elsewhere in future ?

T.T.F.N Ruth x


Boot Button Bears said...

What amazing photos Ruth. Sometimes the balance of nature is hard to accept isn't it. I love watching all the animal documentaries on Foxtel, but when one animal goes in for the kill against another, I am such a big sook and have to turn away. I know it is Mother Natures course for survival, but I hate seeing anything hurt. Let's hope he feasts elsewhere like you said next time. I just love your little bear for Bobo on TBACA.

Ruth said...

Hi Christine :0)
I'm wondering if the snow spurred the hawk in to visiting an enclosed garden ? No sign of him since ....
Glad you like the little Bobo bear (I'm a bit too attached to him now .. heehee )
Hugs , Ruth