Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Lily Takes a Bow .

I am really proud to announce that I won 1st place at the British Bear Artist awards on Sunday , with Lily (above) in Category 1 : Single Miniature Bear .
I also took home a 3rd place award for my "Golden Celebration" Group of Miniature Bears , in Category 6 .

Nobody was more surprised than me when I realised my name had been announced as the winner in section 1 ! All the nominees in every group were wonderful , and so I was delighted just to be amongst them !

I'm still letting the news sink in at the moment .Oh , and finishing my last two micro hobby horses so that they can soon get under way .
It was a quite surreal weekend in more ways than one really ; I'll post later about Brighton Pavilion when I've got the photos sorted out , although (unfortunately) you couldn't take pics inside. I shan't forget my son beaming a thousand watt smile at my side , and saying "I knew you could do it Mum !" Nor my husband shedding a proud tear for me .

Back again soon without the lump in my throat ...

Ruth xx


TinyBear said...

Oh - great news. BIG congratulations to you Ruth. That is SO well deserved. And two prices - wow. (I´m jumping here)That is SO SO great news. Many hugs, Tina

Ruth said...

Awwwww , thanks Tina ; your lovely words mean such a lot to me :0)

BIG Hugs back !
Ruth x

Boot Button Bears said...

That is just the best news ever Ruth. A big hug and congratulations from me. Just super.


Matilda said...


Ruth said...

Awww , thank you ladies . I must admit it is a GREAT feeling ! :0)
Happy Hugs , Ruth x

All Bear said...

Such well deserved awards Ruth. Congratulations! I am so happy for you!!!!!!