Friday, 14 November 2008

Orange For Orangutans !

Ahhhhhh , what an adorable baby ! :0)

Today has been declared a special Orange Day ; to help publicise the plight of orangutans who are endangered in their shrinking habitats .It is all the brainchild of the Orangutan Foundation .
Details can be found here of how donations can be put to good use. I decided to fund care for one baby Orangutan for one week , but even a £1 donation could help the Foundation reach their target figure .

If you would like to consider donating to these beautiful , gentle animals the simplest way is to visit here
where you can securely and speedily key in any amount you wish to give .

I know it is also Children in Need day , but I tend to think that particular yearly venture gets the lion's share of publicity , whilst other charities are no less worthy . Anyway , I believe that Orangutans ( and all creatures !) are the "children" of this Earth too!

Ta Ta For Now , Ruth x

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