Thursday, 25 June 2009

21 Years Ago Today ....

What's on my mind today then ? Well , 21 years ago at midday I was married to the man I first clapped eyes on at the age of 12 ! We started "going out" together when I was 15 , and ten years later there we were on a glorious , hot and sunny day in Cambridge , with family and friends all fligged up in our finest !

I remember that after the ceremony we were driving slowly through the city on the way to the reception ; cars creeping along due to the university students Rag Week charity bed-push right in amongst the traffic . They were all dressed as doctors and nurses , and shaking collection tins . The onlooking pedestrians , and car drivers , thought it highly amusing when one of the "wags" pushing the bed knocked on the window of our decorated wedding car ( a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow ) - they got their donation though , and I'm sure it was a good omen !

I've been wallowing in sentiment ; looking through all our precious photos of the day . No apologies then for subjecting you to them as well !! Look , I even carried a fan .... I was sooooo blissfully happy that day !

I totally fell in love with my dress - scattered with iridescent pink sequins and pink and pearl beads ( well , everyone knows by now I'm a hopeless "girly" LOL ) I remember having that 22" waist too ..... sigh ......

Happy Anniversary Ashley !
Happy Day to Everyone ! Go and search out some photos that bring you back wonderful memories too !

T.T.F.N Ruth X


ginger said...

That is just so sweet! Loved the photos. Happy Anniversary to you both!

TinyBear said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you.
Oh - what a beautiful dress that is. The photos so beautiful too - you both looks so sweet. I especialy like those glasses of Ashleys - hehe.
Wishing you both a lovely day with all the best to come.
Thanks for sharing
Many hugs, Tina ♥♥♥

Susan Pryce said...

Happy Anniversary. What lovely pictures of your wedding day. You will have to scrapbook those.

Ruth said...

Hi ladies !
I wonder if those glasses' design will be right back in fashion in 21 more years !!??LOL
To be honest I haven't dared "get in to" scrapbooking as I just know I'll be totally obsessed .... and I can't squeeze any more craft stuff in my house !!!! When my kids leave home that will leave me 3 lovely empty rooms to play in !!
Huggies , Ruth x

Sarah Medina, Jellybelly Bears said...

Awww, how lovely, Happy Anniversary Ruth!!! XX

Pauline said...

Awww Happy Anniversary Ruth! You look stunning, the pictures are beautiful.



Bearly Sane said...

You looked gorgeous then and you look gorgeous now...wonderful photos Ruth, sorry my wishes are late...Happy Anniversary kiddo!

Ruth said...

Thank you for popping in with your good wishes Sarah , Pauline , Sandi :0)
The scary thing is where did that 21 years go ????? Seems like yesterday...

Sarah ; you tell that puppy to get better - little Pap' hugs from me ;0)


All Bear said...

What a beautiful bride you made Ruth! Such lovely pictures! Congratulations to you both on achieving such a happy anniversary.