Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Bee Poem

The Violet and the Bee
by John Bannister Tabb

"And pray, who are you?"
Said the Violet blue
To the Bee, with surprise,
At his wonderful size,
In her eyeglass of dew.
"I, madam," quoth he,
"Am a publican Bee,
Collecting the tax
Of honey and wax.
Have you nothing for me?"

Such a sweet little summery poem . I love watching the "busy bees" in the garden and it always gives me huge satisfaction to rescue them out of my conservatory when they fly in by accident . I plan to install some solitary bee homes , as I think we all need to do as much as we can to help them over their increasing environmental hurdles - I was utterly dismayed when I watched a programme recently about the global threat of bee hive collapse . Without these little creatures getting to work on pollinating crops the whole world could face food shortages !

So be kind to a bee
.... and appreciate him in all his tiny , fuzzy glory !


Ruth x

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