Thursday, 31 January 2013

Winter Bear Fest - WIP

Three weeks to go; and here's a glimpse of part of my work-in-progress.I feel as though I'm still "climbing the hill" in terms of actually producing finished, saleable creations (!) at the moment .... but I see light at the end of the tunnel! All being well I should be attending the Hugglets Winter Bear Fest, on 24th Feb', with new micro dogs, new Frivols, a few Spring bears and a lovely new "Timeless" collection of ultra-traditional teds.

I find that I'm sometimes working until 11pm at night, but Hey; I've got a daylight lamp and sewing glasses!!! Although miniature bears do seem very tiny and insignificant they really demand a lot in terms of attention devoted to them! Lol!

I must flutter away now - although not to settle at my sewing yet: I'm in the middle of a Chocolate Orange extravaganza cake for my oldest son, Max, who is 23 today!! Whattttttt!? Seems like he was only recently a sweet chubby cheeked little boy.

Happy Birthday Max!

Ruth xx


Kays Kids said...

Hi Ruth, I love the photo of all the little arms and legs lined up all ready to be put together. Awaiting their faces and hugs.

BumbleVee said...
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Ruth said...

Testing moderation - keep out stupid spammers grrrrrrr - Ruth