Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Busy , Busy , Busy !

I'm very busy and focused at the moment , my brain seems to be flooded with all sorts of ideas for bears . As usual , the limiting factor is time - if I could order just a few extra hours per day ( well there is a website for ordering just about anything these days !) maybe I could bring them all to fruition . No sweat .

Actually that was a teeny bit of a fib ...... the best I can hope for is to emulate a swan ; hence my Photoshop fiddlings ( inner voice note ; "you haven't got time for that have you ?" ) You know what people say : all is calm and serene on the surface , but underneath the water the legs are paddling like mad !

I will be doing 3 bear fairs this year , the first of which will be the 24 hour online event on 14th February with TBACA
Next is The Winter Bear Fest at Hugglets , in Kensington , on 22nd February . I am so excited about attending my first ever Hugglets on the other side of the table ! I will be doing my very best to ensure I've got plenty of adorable little bears to bring with me ; so I must keep up with the limbs going at full pelt thing !
In the summer I shall be going back to The Teddy Bear Artist Event in Stratford , on the 7th June .

Phewww ! I will also be supplying a few bears to a lovely new bear business right here on the net - more details when they have taken delivery in February . I think February will be my busiest month ever ; especially when you add in the 2 family birthdays .

Altogether now ; "calm and serene , calm and serene ......."

T.T.F.N Ruth x


Amanda said...

Crikey, thats busy! I think the New Year resolutions are right on track. I'm a terrible put of person, so would be making lists like mad, then putting then somewhere and losing them. The net thing sounds fabulous, good on you. If I have a spare hour, I'll send it over, its only a short journey. Hang in there.

Ruth said...

HeeHee , thanks Amanda !
I'm finding I can create a bit of extra time by ignoring house work / laundry and the imploring eyes of my pets ! Not long to go now :0)
Huggies , Ruth

Pauline said...

Good to see you busy Ruth. You have the right idea with the house work, if you keep busy you won't even see the mess, it's ok. Happy bear making!


TinyBear said...

Hi Ruth.
How´s the bearmaking going :o)
Stop by my blog today - won´t you ?
Hugs, Tina

Ruth said...

Lovely to see you ladies .... oh , the steam is coming off my needles LOL
Hugs to you , Ruth x