Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Like Finding Bluebells in January !

That's a strange thing to say isn't it ? Of course , neither my Papillon (above) or I , have really found actual Bluebells amongst the soggy , tired grass - but what I mean is ; sometimes life can delight you with its own metaphorical Bluebell clumps ! There are happy or lucky things which lift you way above all the gloom of the daily media news grinding , or the wan , grey strains of a UK sun with a sniffle !

I was absolutely thrilled to be chosen for the February artist profile on Teddy Bears and Critters Australasia . Sandi Smith , who runs this whole wonderful group , decided to introduce one of the Affiliate members in more detail and so I feel very lucky and honoured by it . The interview is beautifully written up , at a really busy time for Sandi when she is preparing for the Be My Valentine Show on 14th February - thank you so much :0)
You can click here if you'd like to visit TBACA and see the Feature Artist page .

Whilst mentioning the show , here are 2 tiny teasing pics for you :-

I also got my current copy of Teddy Bear Club International recently , which gives details on The British Bear Artist Awards . Reading the editor's piece about the judging and award placements was very interesting , but also she wrote some lovely things about Lily , who came 1st in the miniatures section . It totally made my head swell to see those words in print ... on a page in a magazine ! Wowie , I was delighted !

I have had some lovely messages from bear artist friends recently and I take genuine pleasure in being part of this community . A few years ago these warm and friendly ladies took me in from the outer fringes "of the fur" , so to speak , making me welcome and giving instant validation to what had become a rather isolated creative process . Well , each adds another little bloom to the bunch !
Imagine my surprise , and sincere pleasure in being handed back the Proximidade Award for a second time by Paula Carter of All Bear !!! And ( I just noticed) from Pauline , over at her super Valewood Bears blog !

Rosy cheeks here too Paula ! Many thanks for all your kindness , and tireless consideration for us all . Thank you too Pauline ; I appreciate your lovely words . Now I have a positive bouquet of smile raising moments !

In the spirit of the awards I hope that no one will mind if I now pass it on to all of you . I truly appreciate everyone who stops in on this blog , and I consider you all to be in "my neighbourhood" . Please be sure to take away a posy of virtual Bluebells with you too! :0)

T.T.F.N Ruth x


ginger said...

Even the little peeks of bear parts are enticing. I wish you much luck with your show.

Ruth said...

Many thanks :0) It's creeping ever nearer now , where does the time go ??? :0)

All Bear said...

Bluebells in January? How lovely! Congratulations on the article and good luck with the show ... even those little snippety pics show how lovely your contributions will be!

Matilda said...

How lovely to hear all is well in your land. Way to go Ruth. kissys