Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy Frosty White New Year !

Just a quick post , on this very shivery New Year's Day .

The dogs have been out in their fleecy coats , the duck is roasting in the oven , and we await the return of the two older sons from wherever they crashed out after their New Year's revels . I've had plenty of time to reflect on the past year over our quiet Christmas ( quieter than it should be as I have blocked middle-ear canals apparently , which stubbornly refuse to clear ) 2008 was great for me and the bears , with many highlights - a Golden Teddy nomination , a first wonderful live show in Stratford , a magazine feature profile , and to crown the rest ; winning the miniature British Bear Artist Award !
I have enjoyed getting to know other bear artists better , and taking part in collaborative groups such as British Bears on the Net and Teddy Bears and Critters Australasia . It has also been a pleasure to me to play a small part in helping wild animals struggling in their environment - from garden birds (RSPB) to orangutans and bears .

There is still plenty I'd like to accomplish , and new decisions to weigh up or implement . I may even make a few New Year's resolutions ! For now , the duck is most pressing . Oh , and potatoes to roast until crunchy crisp . I'll be back soon so to everybody until then " Happy New Year ".

Ruth xx


Amanda said...

Happy new year Ruth. Love the new Blog design and as always, fabulous photos.

Ruth said...

Hi Amanda :0)
Happy New Year to you too , and thanks for your really kind comments - did you get the -4 cold where you are as well? I wonder if there are any sales bargains left in Hanley ; I'm off to look tomorrow !! ( I suspect my bank balance is safe ;0) )

Amanda said...

We got -2. We went The Ash Bank, Werrington, for a carvery yesterday, driving through/past park hall hills. What a winter wonderland. Not really done Hanley yet, Tesco was bad enough today. Might brave Hanley sunday, they've got a sale on at Wetherspoon's, hee hee. Last fling before healthy eating and drinking kicks in. Better get the bus though! By the way the holly photo would make fabulous Christmas cards.

Donna Griffin said...

A big congratulations on your wonderful successes this year, Ruth! I haven't had a chance to visit your blog lately or your website and didn't know the news of your grand award as my link to the Brittish world was TB Scene. I wish for you even bigger and better things in 2009 with your marvelous little bears! Hugs, Donna

All Bear said...

... and we have enjoyed getting to know you a little better too Ruth! Happiest of New Years to you x